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Good for the community. Good for you.

As a volunteer firefighter, you’ll earn the respect and gratitude of people from all walks of life. There’s a real sense of pride that comes with helping your neighbors in times of crisis. And the strong ties that you form with your fellow volunteers – training together, relying on one another – is a special bond that lasts a lifetime. Plus, there are tangible benefits that go hand-in-hand with your volunteer service:

  • Career PreparationMany of our volunteers use the training and experience they receive with us to help prepare them for a career in firefighting or other emergency services fields.
  • Personal Protective Equipment and UniformsAll personal protective equipment and uniforms are provided at no cost so our volunteers can do their jobs safely and effectively.
  • Free TrainingAll required entry-level training for firefighters is provided at no cost. In addition, any technical training above the entry level may be provided to volunteers at no cost.
  • Workers’ CompensationVolunteers are covered under workers’ compensation insurance while performing their duties.
  • Accident and Sickness InsuranceFire departments provide accident and sickness insurance coverage over and above workers’ compensation to provide for volunteers and their families in the event of an injury or fatality while serving as a volunteer firefighter.
  • Retirement ProgramVolunteer firefighters are also eligible for state retirement. North Carolina Volunteer Firefighters’ and Rescue Squad Workers’ Pension Fund provides a monthly retirement benefit at age 55, once the volunteer has completed 20 years of creditable service with a North Carolina fire department.

Serving as a volunteer firefighter benefits you and your family.