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It's about being ready and staying safe.

We train to protect others, and we train to protect ourselves. As a volunteer firefighter, you receive no pay – but you still receive the same type of detailed training and use the same equipment and protective gear as career firefighters. As a result, you’re no less professional and no less prepared to do your job effectively and safely – whether it’s responding to a natural disaster or handling hazardous materials.

  • Training RequirementsNew volunteers are typically required to obtain the N.C. State Firefighter certification within 1-2 years of joining. They must also participate in a minimum of 36 hours of training every year. Each volunteer is encouraged, but not required, to obtain additional certifications and training in specialty areas that the department provides, such as technical rescue and emergency medical technician.
  • Annual PhysicalIn addition to the required annual training, each volunteer must pass an NFPA 1582 compliant physical. This physical must be performed on an annual basis, and it includes specific benchmarks that each firefighter must meet to be considered healthy enough to fight fires. This physical is provided free of charge.

Your training can help prepare you for a career in emergency services and medical fields.